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Kathleen Orlenko Conservation
Santa Clara, CA
Portland, OR
January 1991 - Present
Private business in conservation of art on paper, rare books, and documents. Consultant on preservation issues to various institutions and private collectors. Treatment projects of bound materials, paper-based items and minor photographic materials. Digitization of bound and flat materials.
Octavo Corporation
Palo Alto, CA
November 1997 - October 1998
Conservator for a private company involved in the digitization of rare books. Duties included all aspects of the physical care and handling of the books; description of the original book construction, including binding, and descriptive bibliography; liaison to partner libraries.
Regional Conservator
National Archives & Records Administration
San Bruno, CA
October 1995 - August 1997
Conservator for the Western Region of the National Archives. Duties included the development and implemention of a treatment program for the each NARA Regional facility. Treatment projects of bound materials, paper-based items and minor photographic materials.
Stanford University Library
Stanford, CA
November 1994 - September 1995
Conservation treatment of bound volumes and archival materials from the various special collections of the Stanford University Libraries. Treatments included traditional repairs and protective enclosures.
Head of Conservation
Huntington Library
San Marino, CA
November 1987 - January 1991
In charge of the conservation staff of six members. Duties ranged from preservation issues – education of staff and readers on the handling and shelving of library materials, shared responsibility in the monitoring of the environment, writing and administering grants, and planning of future conservation activities; to conservation treatment – repair, rebacking, rebinding, paper treatment, protective enclosures, cleaning of individual volumes in the stacks, and the preparation of materials for exhibition.
Book Conservator
National Endowment for the Humanities
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
December 1987 - June 1989
Working with a conservation scientist, investigated the effects of resizing agents on the paper from books. This experiment used naturally aged books and followed accepted conservation treatment and research techniques in the washing, alkalizing and resizing of the paper.
Visiting Conservation Specialist
The Walters Art Gallery
Baltimore, MD
September 1986 - October 1987
In charge of rehousing a 600 volume manuscript collection under a thirteen month collection maintenance grant, funded by the NEA. Made standard rare book boxes for a large percentage of the collection. The remaining manuscripts, which are irregularly shaped or had decorative features such as bosses, metal mounts, ivory panels and bezeled stones, received custom boxes with drop edges, built-up areas and cushions.
Intern, Conservation Office
Library of Congress
Washington, DC
September 1985 - August 1986
Assigned projects including the complete treatment of quarter bound leather, full leather, alum tawed, limp vellum and stiff board vellum bindings.

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